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A New Coldwell Banker App for iPhone and Android

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re proud to announce that we’ve got a brand new app available for the iPhone and Android powered devices!

The Importance of Video in Real Estate

Just over two years ago, Coldwell Banker embarked on creating a channel solely for real estate video that exists on YouTube. We called it Coldwell Banker On Location and it’s a place where you can search for videos of real estate listings, communities, agent videos and more. With tens of thousands of videos uploaded, over 2.5 million visits to our channel and millions of video views later, we think we made the right move.

April 11 / 2011

Determining if Your Home Needs New Windows

Take a look at this short video from Coldwell Banker On Location that highlights some of the basic things to look for when determining if your home needs new windows.

January 12 / 2011

The Most Engaging Videos Are About Community

With over 25,000 videos having been uploaded this year to the Coldwell Banker On Location channel, we see a wide variety of ways that people interact and comment on videos. But one video stands out from the rest as possible the most talked about video that we have on youtube.com/coldwellbanker. It’s not controversial. It’s not a high profile video with big name talent. It’s not quirky. It doesn’t even involve a dog on a skateboard. It’s a video about Elkhart, Indiana.

December 01 / 2010

Coldwell Banker On Location Shows Video is King

If online video is king, then Coldwell Banker On Location is a major part of its fiefdom. This week Coldwell Banker On Location, the one of a kind YouTube channel for Coldwell Banker, surpassed two million views in under 2 years.

November 09 / 2010

Change the Way People Find Real Estate

The picture below is from the 2010 Google Creative Canvas book. It’s a publication that Google puts out at the end of every year showcasing some of the most unique and innovative ways that partner brands and companies are using their products. This year the Coldwell Banker YouTube channel, Coldwell Banker On Location was honored to be included

October 29 / 2010
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Video Killed the Newspaper Ad

In case you didn’t realize it, we’re big on video here at Coldwell Banker. We were the first national real estate brand to have streaming video content on our website back in 2006. Fast forward to 2009 and we launched what has become one of the more popular real estate channels ever on YouTube with Coldwell Banker On Location. 12 months and 1.2 million visits later, Coldwell Banker On Location is still making waves.

May 20 / 2010
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Coldwell Banker On Location Hits One Million

Last May Coldwell Banker launched a first of its kind YouTube channel that we named Coldwell Banker On Location. The concept was to enhance the real estate shopping experience by allowing customers to search for videos of homes for sale, Coldwell Banker agents, and even local community videos through a simple interface. And we figured [...]

Dreaming Down South…

Wednesday, March 23rd – Approximately 5:00PM EST I leaned back in my ridiculously comfortable seat at the outdoor dining area of a well recommended restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina…took a bite out of my shrimp and grits appetizer (AMAZING!) and washed it down with a sip of refreshingly cool sweet iced tea. The 77 degree [...]

Just How Big is the Mobile Web??

I just read a great report from Quantcast on mobile web usage as of Dec 2009…Here’s the facts: About 1% of all web consumption is coming from mobile.  That doesn’t sound too big, but that’s up from half a percent in May 2009. So in 7 months, the amount of mobile web browsing doubled!  At [...]