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Real Estate Headlines Featuring Avicii, Exploding Home Prices and More

What’s the feeling? That sense of excitement and non-stop fun that’s looming in your mind. Oh that’s the joy of March Madness spreading. No? You don’t feel it? Maybe it’s just me since it’s conference tournament week and one week from all the rich, chocolatey bracket madness. But before I delve deeper in the depths of college basketball insanity, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

Move On or Make Do? Home Additions Are an Option

What are the top reasons for staying in a house, adding on, or remodeling as opposed to moving. It may be tempting just to move on, but often there are valid reasons to stay put and make your home better fit your needs.

October 28 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Lack of Central Air Conditioning Is Not Necessarily a Reason to Pass on a House

In Texas today, central air conditioning is considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Is it possible to add it economically to an older home so that it will function effectively? There are factors to consider, but the simple answer is “Yes.”

August 26 / 2013

Top Remodeling Projects for Homeowners

For homeowners looking for new and affordable home ideas, consider some of the top remodeling projects to dress up a new property.

Basic Remodeling Ground Rules

There are several different types of remodels an owner may choose to take on, from focusing on redoing a kitchen to building a deck or patio onto their homes.

Valuable Home Improvements For Owners (and Sellers )

Whether individuals currently own or are selling a home, making improvements around the house can add more character, charm and utility. There are several projects that may not only add dollar value to a home, but can also make it more enticing for potential buyers. And what’s more, many of these improvements can be completed at a low cost. [...]

August 24 / 2012

The 10 Home Remodeling Projects You Should Not DIY

We often suggest easy and affordable ways to upgrade and decorate your home. In the past we have includes posts that included Save Money On Home Improvements, Small Upgrades that Go a Long Way and Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space. However, not all upgrades and remodeling projects are safe for you to do on your own. Stylist Home created a great top 10 list for remodeling projects that are better left to a professional.

July 24 / 2012