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Slideshow: 7 Wondrous Home Wine Cellars

Whatever type of wine enthusiast you are, we are sure you will enjoy these seven wondrous wine cellars in luxurious homes across the United States.

Home of the Week: A Futuristic Gem on Lake Tahoe

Our newest “Home of the Week” takes us on a trip out West to one of the most architecturally significant and unique properties in the country. The “Lake House” as it is referred to, is an ultra modern and futuristic gem perfectly located on the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe and surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

Slideshow: Homes for a Tournament Cinderella

Every year like clockwork when the clock strikes for the start of March Madness, a Cinderella emerges. Gonzaga used to be the belle of the basketball ball, but now they’re a #1 seed. A titan that must be taken down. So who are the new Cinderellas? Well I think there are a few we will here from this weekend. Below is a look at some incredible places that could very well play home to this year’s Cinderella. Here are five homes in the college towns we think are most likely to make a move for an upset.

Home of the Week: A ‘Passive House’ for International Earth Day

To commemorate International Earth Day, our “Home of the Week” is a newly listed and certified “Passive House” that uses 10% of the energy a standard house does. In fact, at today’s energy costs, this “Passive Home” would net its owner a whopping $193,693 in energy savings over a 30 year period, and over $60K in savings over 10 years. Oh, and the home is beautiful too.

Slideshow: Homes from the World Baseball Classic Finalists

At the start of March, 16 teams from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and North and South America began a quest for baseball supremacy in the third installment of the World Baseball Classic.

While Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic battle it out for the championship tonight, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite homes from the two Caribbean countries.

Slideshow: Homes for the Ides of March

As many as 60 conspirators were involved in the end of Caesar, but we wanted to see how many homes on coldwellbanker.com alluded to the details of the Ides of March. Over 50 homes make reference to Caesar, but here are a few that really stand out:

March 15 / 2013

Home of the Week: The Former Home of Music and Movie Royalty

What do Paul McCartney, Betty Grable and the Lion from the original Wizard of Oz have in common? Take a look at our “Home of the Week” to find out!

Slideshow: 5 Big Game Worthy Man Caves

Games as big as the Super Bowl require a larger than life experience. You want a really big TV, some exceptional snacking options and an incredible place to watch the game. We went hunting for just the right type of room to watch the Super Bowl on coldwellbanker.com and came across 848 homes currently for sale that have the term “man cave” in the property description.