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Must Do Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

If you’re like me, you’ve been scavenging around the internet for small but efficient ways to transition your home from the treacherous Winter we’ve had to a (hopefully) beautiful and pleasant Spring. I am relieved to tell you I found a great article from The Home Depot which rolls out some smart and easy tips [...]

March 26 / 2014
Author Ariel Williams
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Realtor Mag Agrees, Color is a Must in 2014!

I understand that yellow and red walls can be sort of overwhelming to some. If this is the case, as you’ll see referenced in the photos below, implementing small decor pieces like a bright frame or chair is a great start. For more incredible photos and design inspiration visit Coldwell Banker’s Instagram and Pinterest pages.

March 19 / 2014

The One Thing Every Wife Needs for Spring Cleaning at Home

I just had the pleasure of reading 5 Things Husbands Need for Spring Cleaning at Home written by David Marine, our Senior Director of Consumer Engagement. All I have to say it…this one is for you ladies, I got your back! :) A clean home is a happy home and when Spring cleaning rolls around, [...]

Protect what’s left after spring cleaning: Why a home inventory can safeguard your stuff

Guest Blog Post Guest blogger Pauline Hammerbeck is a digital content strategist at Allstate Insurance.   Spring temperatures usher in a flurry of home cleaning and home purging activities—and an opportunity to better organize and protect the possessions that make the cut. Cataloging those coveted items in a home inventory can pay big dividends if [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for homeowners. Time to get those leaves out of the garage that have been lingering since October and it’s a chance to get that “honey-do” list out of the way.

The worst part about spring cleaning to me, besides having to do it, is that you just don’t know where to start. The video series below offers some spring cleaning tips for your home to give you some great ideas and helpful hints on how to make your home ready for spring. It covers everything from kitchen cleaning to closet organization to garden improvements.

March 30 / 2011