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Property Taxes and Its Impact on How Much Home You Can Buy

Before my girlfriend and I took the “leap” and jumped right into searching for our first home to buy, I was impervious to the joys of property taxes and its huge impact on the amount of home you can buy. From my initial conversation with my mortgage advisor Stephen Kulisek, I learned that upward shifts in [...]

Real Estate Headlines for the End of April

So long April showers. Hello May flowers. Pretty soon you’ll be inundated with graduation invitations and start feeling the need to plan your summer vacation. But before you can do any of that, be a good boy or girl and read your weekly real estate headlines:

Real Estate Headlines for the Week Prior to Tax Day

The eggs have been found and there’s probably some discount candy available in your local supermarket. So while the baseball season gets through its first full week and you scramble to finish up your taxes, here are some real estate headlines to keep you on the pulse:

April 10 / 2012