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Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week of October

Trick or treat. The most popular question that no one ever expects a verbal answer to. Halloween awaits us this week and whether your a ghost, ghoul or Grover Cleveland for All Hallows Eve this year you’re going to need your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

October 28 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for the End of July

August is almost here and much of the country will be sending the kiddos off to school. NFL Training Camps are underway, and the commute to work feels just a bit lighter as vacation time starts getting used more often. But before we kiss July goodbye, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Real Estate Headlines for a New Year

Welcome to 2013. Merry New Year as Billy Ray Valentine of Trading Places´╗┐ would say. So as you dust off the confetti from your New Year’s Eve festivities hear are some real estate headlines to help you ring in the new year:

January 02 / 2013