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Real Estate Headlines for the Week Before Memorial Day

While summer doesn’t officially arrive until June, Memorial Day acts as the unofficial kickoff to those summer days. While we are still seven days away from Memorial Day, this is the week that your home starts to transform as you prep for the potential pending BBQ or bringing the outdoor furniture up from the basement. [...]

Real Estate Headlines for 4th of July Week

Is Fourth of July really this week?  Our summer senses are tingling from the yummy smell of backyard BBQ’s to the sound of summer tunes. Before you head out of work tomorrow to celebrate the holiday check out these real estate headlines: By now we are sure you have heard the buzz about the TomKat [...]

Your Next House Could Have a Snoring Room

No one likes to have their beloved sleep disturbed by the person next to you sawing logs all night, but some people are going so far as to have sound proof rooms built to deal with their snoring slumber partner.

August 09 / 2011
Author David Marine
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