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7 Home and Office Technology Trends from the Movie ‘Her’

Take a look at 7 interesting home and office technology trends from the Academy Award nominated film, ‘Her’

Why You Should Decorate Your Home with Mustache Decor

Mustache decor for the month of Movember

November 01 / 2013

Here’s to Innovation…

Weren’t we all supposed to be flying cars to work (sure would make my commute better!) and hanging out on the moon by 2012? While technology hasn’t caught up to science fiction in that regard, we do know that writers of Sci-Fi movies like Minority Report and 2001: A Space Odyssey got a lot of things right. Everything from video conferencing to “gesture based computing” and personalized ad serving are “imagined” things we saw in movies that a lot of us use in our everyday lives.

Here’s to Kids

Through Tom Selleck’s voice on the new Coldwell Banker commercials, we are reminded just how important our children are in defining our homes. We share their joys, their disappointments and yes, let’s face it, age a little more each day when their playful moments together erupt into their inevitable fights. Family game nights, movie nights, homework at the kitchen table, bedtime rituals… it all happens in our home.

March 08 / 2012

The Value of a Home

I am shocked at the sheer volume of charts, graphs and heat maps that try and focus consumers on the stats and appreciation trends in home buying and selling. Now, the dollars and cents and crime stats are all a part of the decision to buy a home, but its not the only or even most important reason. Why do people buy homes? Its for lifestyle. It’s personal.