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A 106 Year Legacy of Trust

106 years ago something remarkable happened. A young real estate agent, named Colbert Coldwell, started a company that would stand the test of time for more than a century. Two World Wars, the Great Depression and countless economic changes couldn’t stop what Coldwell started.

Trust Who?

I’m on a plane , on my way back from a great conference in Denver where I got to speak with a few hundred Coldwell Banker real estate agents and managers about some of the new platforms we are working on for 2011, including video, iPad and advanced real estate search. So I’m settling in [...]

It’s All About Trust

I spent a large part of my day with an amazing group of Coldwell Banker agents who came to our corporate office to provide us with a sense of the challenges they and consumers are facing today. I was inspired by Cindy Yoder of Coldwell Banker Vinson Chase in Modesto, California.  Cindy spoke so passionately [...]

October 13 / 2010

Trust our Team

Trust in an organization starts at the top.  Our CEO, Jim Gillespie, is one of the most admired and trusted executives today because of the way he carries himself everyday in business.   We were founded by Colbert Coldwell in 1906 in the aftermath of the great San Francisco earthquake because he was tired of seeing [...]

World’s Bestest Cup of Coffee

Last week I railed against some of our competitors using unqualified claims in their marketing to consumers and other agents.  One such claim was “the No. 1 real estate company on Twitter and Facebook” on a widely circulated video…no source or disclaimer provided. So, someone online called them on it and they responded by referencing  [...]

March 26 / 2010