TV sitcoms have often taken us inside the homes of fictional families where the residence is often as much a character as the people. The homes of the Brady Bunch, the Huxtables and even The Fresh Prince of Bel Air are sets that conjure up instant images of rooms where the families solved problems, laughed and became the focal point of their lives.

Few comedies today have these types of unique, memorable settings, but one that does is the Golden Globe nominated, Modern Family. In fact that show has three very different homes where most of the action takes place, but the one that stands out to me the most is the home of the Dunphy family.

The home to Phil and Claire Dunphy from the outside is an actual residence at 10336 Dunleer Drive in Los Angeles and is just a few miles from the set where the show is taped. (image above from Google Earth)

phil and claire interview The Dunphy Home from Modern Family

The official Dunphy interview couch.

Producers describe the Dunphy home as being “Pottery Barn-Restoration Hardware traditional modern.” That descriptor is pretty accurate as the couch we often see Phil and Clair sit on for their “interviews” has pillows from Pottery Barn where the couch is actually from Sofa U Love in Burbank, CA.

dunphy family room The Dunphy Home from Modern Family

The Dunphy Living Room from Modern Family.

The Dunphy home decor is pretty traditional in nature. Farm style tables, classic furniture pieces and a formal living room are all conservative design elements seen throughout the show. The blue paint seen on the wall behind the couch during the “mockumentary” style interviews is actually Labrador Blue by Benjamin Moore in case you were looking to paint your home a similar style.

dunphy great room The Dunphy Home from Modern Family

The Dunphy family room

The great room that combines the kitchen and family room to me is the epicenter of the house. While the Dunphys share meals there, host parties and embark on general hilariousness here, this room would be the centerpiece of almost any home. It just feels like the place where family and friends would gather.

dunphy kitchen The Dunphy Home from Modern Family

The Dunphy Kitchen

From the staircase with family pictures, to the kids rooms littered with posters to the center hall entryway, the Dunphy home is a classic home that’s greater than its architecture because of the family that we know lives there.

Take a tour through all the homes on Modern Family in this article from the Los Angeles Times.


Photos courtesy of ABC. All rights reserved.