The classic Alfred Hitchcock film from 1958, Vertigo, is one of my all time favorite thrillers. I even have the movie poster of it hanging in my office (click here for living proof). So I was unbelievably excited to see this video below from The AV Club, which takes you on a tour through Jimmy Stewart’s apartment from the movie.

Few people realize that the apartment from Vertigo, or at least the outside of it, is an actual apartment that’s still resides on Lombard Street in San Francisco. If you haven’t seen Vertigo, you need to leave right now and go get the movie from Netflix (Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak? It’s a can’t miss!). If you have seen it, you know how not just the apartment, but the city of San Francisco played a role in the movie as well. And that’s very much the case with today’s home buyer who is looking for more than just a place to escape to, but a community or town to enjoy as well.

Check out this video by The AV Club showcasing the apartment from Vertigo.

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