halabi3 415x275 300x198 Wayne Manor is Superhero Home of Choice

Mentmore Towers (a.k.a. Wayne Manor from "Batman Begins")

While many of us wish we could fly, have X-ray vision or be faster than a speeding bullet, the majority of consumers wish they could live like Bruce Wayne.

In a recent survey on coldwellbanker.com and Coldwell Banker On Location, we asked the question, “Which superhero home best suits you?” 46% of  the over 6,000 responses chose Wayne Manor as their superhero home of choice. The second place choice was Superman’s Fortress of Solitude which received 28% of the votes. Rounding out the rest of the list was Peter Parker’s apartment with 16% and the Hall of Justice with only 10%.

I can agree with Wayne Manor as the top choice. It’s a beautiful estate with plenty of room in the basement/cave for storing your tools, vehicles and even computer equipment. It’s great for hosting parties and you could spend weeks discovering all the rooms it has to offer.

However, I was surprised to see the Hall of Justice finish behind Peter Parker’s apartment. I get that the Fortress of Solitude might be a nice second home for those looking to get away from it all or enjoy winter sports, but Peter Parker’s apartment? Have you seen that place? I guess it’s low maintenance and if you bought instead of rent it’s probably a very affordable price, but the fact that people would choose it over the palatial amenities the Hall of Justice has to offer was a little surprising.

For me personally it would be a tough choice between Wayne Manor and the Fortress of Solitude. The decor, modern comforts and secret pole to the bat cave make Wayne Manor appealing, but there’s something about being able to play with those Kryptonian crystals and frozen lodge feel of the Fortress of Solitude that make it an attractive second home retreat.

Have a different superhero home that you’d want to live in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo from The London Evening Standard