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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of Summer

Summer officially arrived on June 21, but by now pretty much every child is out of school and every part north of the equator is experiencing warmer weather. Cookouts, baseball and excessive pool time shall commence. But here you are in front of your computer reading a blog post…sigh…me too. For those of us who must work through these days of summer, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

11 Ways to Make Doing Laundry Less Dreadful

Earlier this month we asked you to tell us what household chore do you dread the most? Doing laundry was the clear winner. The average family washes nearly 400 loads of laundry a year — more than a load a day — and Americans spend more than $3 billion on detergent. (The Environmental Protection Agency) [...]

Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

There are several ways to organize a house to avoid the hassle of managing it when the heat sets in.

A Private Oasis in Palm Springs

Suzanne Somers owns what might be one of the most private homes I’ve ever come across. Nestled in Mesa Canyon near downtown Palm Springs, this incredible home is truly a luxury retreat to escape from the world.

Homes that are Ready for World War Z

The movie World War Z continues to ignite the conversation and question of the zombie apocalypse. Take a look at some homes that have prepared themselves for the possible takeover.

June 21 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Wolfgang Puck Shares His Take on Food, Home and the Perfect Kitchen

Wolfgang Puck needs no introduction. He’s on the culinary Mount Rushmore and the 101 restaurants he’s started across the globe cement his status as legend in fine dining. But what does his personal kitchen look like?

Is Your Home the Latest Victim of Phantom Energy?

Majority of homes are the victim of phantom energy. Phantom energy, if unaware of it, can increase your electrical bill by at least 10 percent.

June 20 / 2013

The Most Interesting Home on TV is on USA’s Graceland

Who wouldn’t want to live in a beachfront, multi-million dollar home on the sunny sands of California where you’re constantly surrounded by exceptionally good looking, youthful people? At first glance that’s what the home on USA’s new show Graceland appears to be, but the story of this home is much deeper and darker than the postcard worthy setting would have you believe.