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Home. Awesomeness. Ingenuity. Excellence....

The best wear blue and know that these four ingredients add up to a powerful story

With Our North Star Found, Now the Journey Begins

Three Rights and a Left, Best Practices for a Rebrand

The Real Estate Brand Harnessing Artificial...

Competitors talk about big data and AI being the future of real estate. At Coldwell Banker, the future is already here.

A Star is Born: Coldwell Banker Announces Project...

We’ve got some big news. Announced yesterday at Gen Blue in Las Vegas, Coldwell Banker kicked off “Project North Star,” a transparent rebrand.

The Coldwell Banker Way of Innovating

Blue is the color of winning, and the Coldwell Banker brand has been ranking up "firsts" for over 112 years.

Dedicated to the Love of People and...

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
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