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Your Home + Nike

You may be walking on your old sneakers with Nike’s New future foam

April 16 / 2014
Author David Siroty
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Five Tips to an Eco-Friendly Garden

Now that spring is finally here and Earth Day is right around the corner, we have started to get our yards and flowerbeds ready for the planting season. Before rushing into a new gardening project this spring, consider the following tips to ensure your efforts are environmentally friendly: De-lawning the yard. We all know how [...]

The Most Beautifully Manicured Lawns and Landscapes

I usually don’t pay too close attention to what goes into landscaping and maintaining a property–that’s usually my dad’s forté. I can however, appreciate the beautiful final product: a gorgeous, seemingly, endless patch of vibrant and healthy green grass trimmed to perfection. I also have learned to love the specific scent of a fresh cut [...]

From Roofs to Cubes, Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Lately I’ve been noticing interesting gadgets and stories related to solar power. It first started with this awesome window mounted electrical socket by Yanko Design. I envisioned sitting at the airport finally being able to stop searching endlessly for a place to plug-in and charge up. After doing some further research on the product (because [...]

March 17 / 2014

Feng Shui Your Way to Mega Millions

I’ve recently caught the Mega Millions fever. I have to say I don’t play the lottery very often, only when I start hearing others talking about a ginormous jackpot do I start dreaming about the trips and luxury home I could buy with the winnings; so I scrounged up the few bucks of cash I [...]

The next urban housing frontier – parking garages?

I have never once thought when pulling into a parking garage, “This space could be the perfect structure for housing.” But how could I not have? It’s so simple yet also genius and a team of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) professors and students had the imagination to develop this brilliant idea called [...]

February 13 / 2014

There is No Place Like Dome

The house is a custom built and designed Geodesic Dome. It was almost entirely built – start to finish – by the current homeowner…

Household Items Recycled Into Art

I love collecting art to add life to the walls of my home. I was so excited to return home this holiday season after a visit to Asheville, N.C., where I was finally able to purchase my first Michael Banks piece – an artist that I’ve been admiring forever. Every artist has their own unique [...]

5 Hot Tips to Help Lower Your Heating Bill

It seems that once the temperature drops, everyone tries to balance staying warm with keeping their heating bill costs at a plateau (no easy fete). However, there are certainly ways to help keep the frigid temperatures outside and the money inside your pocket, where it belongs. Try implementing a couple of these tips into your winter [...]

Green Energy Savings Tips to Consider for New Year’s Resolutions

I came across this awesome video where Asheville, NC, rapper Thomas Littlejohn lays out some easy tips to going green in your home in a fresh, funky way. As Littlejohn says “you can live wherever but always live better so turn out the lights and save some cheese.” All of these items are on my [...]