How (And Why) to Upgrade to Smart Blinds

Everything you need to know about smart blinds!

How to Control Your Home with Your Voice

Mind control may be a thing of the future but voice control is here today!

How to Secure Your Home From the Road & Car...

Efficient ways you can use your smart devices to safeguard your biggest investments.

Welcome to the Thoughtful Home

Nest and Coldwell Banker help home buyers and sellers make the most of the connected home.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Gets Vocal –...

Coldwell Banker teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa to create its first Alexa skill, an extension of the popular Home of the Week series.

Smart Home Technology is Becoming an Integral...

The rise of smart home technology is making both buyers & sellers ask themselves the same question before deciding where to call home: "Is this a smart home?"
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