This what happens when you get bored with your work. You start doing crazy things that you’ve only dreamed of. That’s what happened to 73-year old builder, Bohumil Lhota. A home builder in the Czech Republic, Lhota got tired of building the same old common places that you can see on any street corner around the world. So he decided to do something different.

To me, it’s a modern day Hobbit house that looks like it’s made specifically for the Lord of the Rings, but with a few non-Middle Earth touches. Not only is this house nestled into the scenery of the Krkonose Mountains, but it can also descend into the ground to enter full stealth mode. Lhota admits that the ability to drop the home into the ground like a periscope was not just for the pure awesomeness of doing it, but also to be energy efficient as the temperature of the home is constant when it’s underground.

The lower level of the home is an indoor swimming pool and the upper level hosts the living area. The place does have electricity, but the glaring flaw to me is there doesn’t appear to be cable by the looks of the TV set.

Lhota refers to the home as the “Roundabout House” and he actually constructed the entire place himself. He began work on it in 1981 and says that he’s not done making improvements. He might just be done with the updates before Peter Jackson releases every part of his The Hobbit movie.

Carry on Lhota and kudos on making your dream home a reality.

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Images by Petr Josek / Reuters