Getting the best results, whether buying or selling, happens when agents and their clients work together. In our digitally driven world, that happens via technology. And three technologies stand out in the world of real estate – the forward-thinking tech suite developed by Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Meet CBx, the Smart Home Staging Kit, and CB Zap®

Meet the real estate company with real advantages.

Smart Home Technology is Becoming an Integral...

The rise of smart home technology is making both buyers & sellers ask themselves the same question before deciding where to call home: "Is this a smart home?"

Finding a Buyer for some of the World’s...

Ever wonder who moved into the Friends Apartment after the series finale? We have an idea...

The Secret Weapon in an Agent’s Toolbox

Did you know that Coldwell Banker agents have a secret weapon that accurately predicts when a consumer may need their services?

The Smart Home Staging Kit: Transform Your House...

Smart homes aren’t the future of real estate – smart home technology is already in homes today and soon becoming as commonplace as granite countertops.

Why Big Data is a Game Changer for Agents

“Big data” is a buzz term that gets thrown around often. But what does it really mean for real estate?

The Real Estate Company with Real Advantages

Discover how the hero at the core of the Coldwell Banker story is not who you might think it is.
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