People have been looking at the stars since time began. It’s one of the earliest form of entertainment and some of the first stories told were engineered from looking at the stars.

Over time our homes have caused us to lose some of the luster of gazing into the heavens, but at Coldwell Banker Real Estate we found a few homes that are perfect for those who enjoy a closer look at the galaxy. Here are five special homes that Galileo would have loved to call his own:

1. The Château Observatory in Apollo Beach, FL – $1,850,000

A dedicated observatory in a beach front home along the Gulf Coast? Copernicus would have told you the sun revolved around the earth for a shot at calling this place home. Nearly 7,000 sq. ft. of living space and an unbelievable media room as well. Currently listed by Jennifer Zales with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate.

2. The Home Planetarium in Andover, KS – $2,900,000

You see the white dome on top of what looks like a watch tower on the right of the home? That’s your own private star gazing paradise that’s big enough for your own mini Hubble telescope. Plus you’re located on the beautiful plains of Kansas where the sky is as clear as you’ll find anywhere. And I almost forgot…the place has an indoor pool too. Currently listed by Faith Ablah with Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate.

3. Galaxy Gazer Paradise in Boca Raton, FL – $2,499,999

Check out the telescope in this place. It looks like it was borrowed from NASA and you’ll be able to see the Mars Rover with that thing. Besides the space exploring room, you have a theatre/media room, 5 bedroom suites, sauna, gourmet kitchen, pool/spa, outdoor kitchen/bar, huge Florida room, and 3 car garage. I’m ready to move. Currently listed by Lisa Byrne with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate.

4. Celestial Sanctuary in Stillwater, MN – $825,000

The third floor of this amazing home is truly a celestial sanctuary. With 360 degree views of the valley and the ability to position your telescope at any point in the sky make this the perfect home for the amateur astronomer. Currently listed by Cheryl Larson with Coldwell Banker Burnet.

5. Tropical Planetary Perch in Kaneohe, HI – $1,750,000

So I’m not an expert in the exploration of space, but if there was ever a space I wanted to explore more of it’s this place in Kaneohe, HI. The description of the property states it has a “tiki hut in the backyard that’s perfect for star gazing and full moon parties.” Eat your heart out Carl Sagan. Currently listed by Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties.