Home court advantage is a huge thing especially as we start getting down the wire with college basketball. Winning on the road is no easy task especially in conference play. Same goes for the NBA where every team wants to be able to play in front of their own fans, sleep in their own beds and have the comfort of a familiar court. To a basketball player, your home court is one of your favorite places to be. So why not have a basketball court for your home?

We’re not talking about just a hoop in the driveway. We’re looking for the most pristine courts that make practice at home just as good as if you headed to a training facility. That’s one of my ultimate dreams and something I wished for as a kid: my very own personal basketball court. Here’s a look at some of the best home basketball courts on coldwellbanker.com:

1. The Driveway Court in Buchanan, MI – $5,895,000

So normally driveway courts are attainable for pretty much any home, but this one is exceptional. A custom court has been laid out to allow for just the right feel and it offers enough room to shoot from any spot outside the arc. Plus it allows you to enjoy the sunshine and the feel of an outdoor court. Currently listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in New Buffalo, MI.

2. The Padded Box in Blue Bell, PA – $4,499,000

I was often told growing up that I needed a padded room and this is the very one I’d want to be secluded to. This indoor court has hardwood floors, a glass backboard and enough pads for me to bang my head against when I get frustrated with my inconsistencies at the free throw line. Currently listed by Michael Marchese with Coldwell Banker Preferred in Blue Bell, PA.

3. The Regal Court in Little Rock, AR – $4,250,000

Purple is the most regal of all colors and what is more fit for a court than the color of kings? I love the custom emblem on the floor that gives you the feel that you’re stepping onto a court of champions. Currently listed by Barb Beatt with Coldwell Banker RPM in Little Rock, AR.

4. The Palace at Medina in Medina, MN – $2,895,000

Full court basketball just outside your bedroom. Could a hoops fan ask for anything more? Too snowy to make it to practice? Have it in your home. I might look to add a scoreboard just to make it official. Currently listed by Coldwell Banker Burnet in Wayzata, MN.