Summer Fridays: Awesome Backyards

What’s more awesome than summer? Summer spent in a big backyard! Here are a few of our favorite yards from homes listed on

If you were bored and decided to jot down the top 10 things that were awesome to you, what would possibly come before home? Jason Bourne movies? Definitely close, but no. Pizza? Closer still, but absolutely not. Home is everything, and home is unequivocally at peak awesomeness during the summer.

As most of the country emerges from winter hibernation slightly paler and a tad vitamin D deficient, the summer offers us the time to enjoy more than just the inside of our homes. All that sunshine means we can properly savor all the awesomeness of our backyards. Backyards are our private parks, our outdoor sanctuaries, our little sustainable farms, our waterparks – our very own piece of outdoor paradise.

With summer comes backyard barbecues, games of catch, nighttime bonfires, pool parties, hammock naps, wiffle ball tournaments and so much more. In honor of the backyard, our latest “Summer Fridays” post showcases some of the most seriously awesome yards in the world – and they’re all listed for sale on Let’s take a look!

$2,985,000 – Des Moines, Washington

After watching the maze scene from Harry Potter, and pretty much any English movie about rich aristocrats, I knew that my dream yard would have elaborately manicured shrubs that make up a maze – the kind that you can get lost in. The yard in this French Country Farmhouse has just that – a Pride and Prejudice’esque lawn in the yard and unparalleled views of the emerald isles and the marine channel.

$6,900,000 – Stowe, Vermont

Speaking of sprawling lawns, Strawberry Hill farm features 100+ acres of wide open spaces and represents the essence of Vermont. If Sephora sold a perfume named ‘Essence of Vermont’, it would smell like this home. The pool flanked by 200 year old pines is great, but it’s those 100+ acres of land that take this backyard’s awesomeness level up a few notches. What could one do with all that acreage during the summer? Build a baseball field like Kevin Costner? Make the world’s longest slip ‘n slide? How about both? The possibilities are endless!

$4,243,672 – San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina

Question: What do golfer Jack Niklaus and Patagonian mountains have in common? Answer: This home! Located in Argentina, this property’s backyard is literally the Patagonian mountains – one of the most carefully preserved and beautiful places on earth. When you get tired out from riding your horse around the mountains and soaking in views of lakes and volcanos, head over to Jack Niklaus’s Golf Chapelco resort just 5 miles away to relax or get a few rounds in.

$22,800,000 – Kailua, Hawaii

Located on world renowned Kailua Beach, this backyard looks like a Las Vegas outdoor club the Cleveland Cavaliers would have visited after winning the NBA championship. We’re talking poolside bars, covered cabanas, fabulous lighting, entertainment pavilions, pool houses and you guessed it, a pool. What’s better than a resort-like yard like this? A resort-like yard that you can enjoy essentially year round.

$4,399,000 – San Diego, California

Speaking of Jack Niklaus and world-class golf, this magnificent backyard sits above the 10th fairway of a championship golf course in Santaluz. From the beautiful infinity-edge pool you’ve got a front row seat to questionable golf swings, colorful balloon sightings and priceless Pacific Ocean sunsets.

$9,900,000 – Wilmette, Illinois

The winters in Illinois are long and hard, but is there a more beautiful place in the country come summer? The yard is perfect for any imagainable game that can be played on grass: soccer, baseball, football, and yes, even badminton. Throw in the boat launch right on Lake Michigan and you’ve got a very awesome backyard indeed.

Join us next Friday for another installment of our “Summer Fridays” series.

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