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Real Estate Headlines Featuring Avicii, Exploding Home Prices and More

What’s the feeling? That sense of excitement and non-stop fun that’s looming in your mind. Oh that’s the joy of March Madness spreading. No? You don’t feel it? Maybe it’s just me since it’s conference tournament week and one week from all the rich, chocolatey bracket madness. But before I delve deeper in the depths of college basketball insanity, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

We Are Together: An Emotional Film of Home from China

Of all the films that you will see in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival, We Are Together from Chinese filmmaker, Tang Yu Han, may be the most emotional. It’s a story most of us, especially during our teenage years, can probably relate to.

September 17 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Introducing the 2013 Coldwell Banker International Film Festival

The true value of a home. Expressed around the world. That is the theme of what will be a first in the real estate industry. For the next 3 weeks, Coldwell Banker Real Estate is going to share what “home” truly means not just in the US, but across the globe. A few months ago [...]

Real Estate Headlines for the Second Week of April

Your homes are probably getting a little bit brighter this week. Sun is out when you wake up. Trees are starting to bud. You now have to deal with mowing your lawn. And finally your allergies are flaring up. Welcome to spring! While it’s official welcome was a few weeks ago by now everyone across the country is getting a taste of it. Now what goes perfectly with a spring day? Your weekly real estate headlines of course:

Real Estate Headlines for the End of March

March is almost over and pretty soon you’ll be thinking you need to start doing something about that lawn. While you recover from an overload of college basketball craziness from this weekend, here are some real estate headlines to close out the last week of March:

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of March

Buzzer beaters, hints of spring and the loss of an hour of sleep all signal it’s the middle of March. While you wait for the buds to bloom and prepare for the upcoming college basketball madness, here are some real estate headlines to start your week: