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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Rooftop Garden

If saving money by growing your own vegetables isn’t a big enough carrot for you, here are the top 5 reasons why you should have your own rooftop garden:

Real Estate Headlines for Last Full Week of February

You can almost feel spring. Baseball is starting back up. Some parts of the country are feeling warmer than usual temperatures. And more talk about housing is popping up all over the place in anticipation of the spring housing market. Here are some headlines to quench your thirst for real estate knowledge:

February 23 / 2012

Our Favorite Spooky Cities

Imagine if people associated your hometown with Halloween all year long? With a little Halloween homework, we came up with a list of the best spooky cities to live, and rated them by median price. Some of these names are “killer,” and many of their home prices are even better.

October 26 / 2010

Best Sports Cities in America

If the forces of nature allowed me to choose a town based on solely on its sports rankings, my life would be filled with hot dog eating, three point shooting bliss – and I would choose a home right down the street from the stadium to make sure I never had to deal with traffic [...]

October 20 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Making a Real Estate List, Checking it Twice

I’m going to focus on three things in today’s post. First, underscore that there are many wonderful, different kinds of places around the country. Second, encourage you to share what makes your area special. And finally, make the point that people…love…lists!

August 05 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Best Cities for Retirement Bargains: Part 2

Last week we featured a post about the 10 ten real estate bargains for retirees, which are all desirable areas for people of any age. As I mentioned before, my love for Ben & Jerry’s has me leaning toward Vermont as my favorite retirement destination on this list, so we connected with Leslee MacKenzie, the president and owner of Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty in Burlington, VT, to uncover what else makes this town so special.

July 19 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Ten Cities for Retirement Bargains

Every gray cloud has a silver lining – and for retirees, the recession transformed a number of popular retirement destinations into home buying bargains. U.S. News and World Report recently reported on 10 Cities for Retirement Property Steals, based on price-to-income data for 384 metropolitan statistical areas from Moody’s Analytics. The winners are: 1. Bend, [...]

July 15 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Recession Proof Cities

Recession may very well be one of the most used terms you hear in the news today. So it was a little surprising to me when I saw an article that used “recession” in its title, but in a positive way. CNNMoney.com released their ranking of America’s Most Recession-Proof Cities.

July 01 / 2010