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Kermit Was Wrong. It’s Easy Being Green…At Home.

When Kermit the Frog first sang his classic, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” he probably never anticipated the “green” craze that would sweep the world decades later. Now it seems everybody wants to be green. And though it may not have the same meaning as the Muppets tune, being green has, in fact, become very easy. Well, at least at home it is.

November 25 / 2013

Cool Homes Made from Shipping Containers

This post is dedicated to highlighting some of the coolest shipping container homes we could find.

September 12 / 2013

Apps That Make Going Green Fun

By now many of us have eagerly (or not so eagerly) joined the “green” bandwagon. If you are like me then you’ve made changes to your daily routine, home, and lifestyle that could potentially have positive effects for our planet and our wallets. However, I have to be honest, going “green” isn’t always the easiest [...]

August 15 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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How to Get Rid of Junk Mail

In this week’s installment of “Going Green,” we decided to share a few tips that can help alleviate a cluttered mailbox and side table, because let’s admit that’s where all of our mail gets tossed anyway. In the end you’ll feel good about your decision–you’ll be relatively paper free and if you look hard enough you may catch a few trees smiling at you.

August 02 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Category Going Green
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Why the Faucet in Your Home is Better Than Bottled Water

We support making the healthy choice of choosing water over other artificial thirst quenchers but there are so many great alternatives to choosing plastic bottles.

July 25 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Category Going Green
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How to Reduce Your Water Footprint

Here are some great tips that will hopefully give you more ideas on how to integrate water-saving techiques into your family’s routine.

July 18 / 2013

The Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

When it isn’t raining, it is scorching hot outside–ridiculous, we know! This summer, while it may be easy and cost free to keep our bodies cool, keeping our homes comfortable is a whole separate issue. It can be both exhausting and expensive. However, there are some tips and tricks you and your family can implement that might help beat the heat and an expensive bill.

Is Your Home the Latest Victim of Phantom Energy?

Majority of homes are the victim of phantom energy. Phantom energy, if unaware of it, can increase your electrical bill by at least 10 percent.

June 20 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of March

Buzzer beaters, hints of spring and the loss of an hour of sleep all signal it’s the middle of March. While you wait for the buds to bloom and prepare for the upcoming college basketball madness, here are some real estate headlines to start your week: