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5 Hot Tips to Help Lower Your Heating Bill

It seems that once the temperature drops, everyone tries to balance staying warm with keeping their heating bill costs at a plateau (no easy fete). However, there are certainly ways to help keep the frigid temperatures outside and the money inside your pocket, where it belongs. Try implementing a couple of these tips into your winter [...]

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Warmer and Cozier This Winter

Whether you’ve just moved into your new place like I have, or need some new easy tips on keeping all corners of your home snug and pleasant; here are 6 really easy ways to make sure your home is warm and cozy this holiday/winter season.

Insulation Wraps your Home in Comfort and Efficiency

Nothing gets people hotter under the collar than paying outrageous power bills just trying to keep the temperature in their home livable. When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency, insulation plays a key role.

July 10 / 2013
Author Terri D'Richards
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Tips on how to Keep your Home’s Temperature Balanced

Many people want to learn how to help save the environment and save money in return. By tweaking certain things in your home like insulation and sealing, your family will be able to lower the costs of heating and cooling your home as well as help the environment by using less energy.

June 27 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Category Going Green
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Don’t Let Energy Savings Go through the Roof

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, heating and cooling typically costs more money than any other system in your home. In a hot desert climate such as Las Vegas, cooling generates the highest energy bills by far, so here are a few tips for roofing.

June 14 / 2013
Author Terri D'Richards
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Tips for a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Guest Blog Post By Allstate A breeze blowing through your house is a good way to keep things cool – unless, of course, it’s coming from a fireplace damper or other leak when you’ve been running the A/C running on high. A home energy audit can help you pinpoint these air leaks (and other costly [...]

June 26 / 2012