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2014 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

The pinnacle of college basketball glory is finally here. Welcome to March Madness. Selection Sunday has come and gone and now we are left sharpening our pencils and doing more college homework than we actually did in college in order study up for the annual NCAA Tournament.

Fort Myers: Home to the Ultimate Cinderella

OK America. It’s officially time to focus on Florida Gulf Coast University and their amazing, incredible and fun-filled rise in the NCAA Tournament. They have so many storylines. A former Wall Street hotshot turned coach who married a supermodel. Players no one wanted or knew about. A 22-year-old school with dorm rooms overlooking a beach. And, let’s face it, until this weekend the school had about as much public awareness as the migration patterns of pelicans.

Slideshow: Homes for a Tournament Cinderella

Every year like clockwork when the clock strikes for the start of March Madness, a Cinderella emerges. Gonzaga used to be the belle of the basketball ball, but now they’re a #1 seed. A titan that must be taken down. So who are the new Cinderellas? Well I think there are a few we will here from this weekend. Below is a look at some incredible places that could very well play home to this year’s Cinderella. Here are five homes in the college towns we think are most likely to make a move for an upset.

2013 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

Let the madness begin. March Madness is here and brackets are being filled out across the country. This year the NCAA tournament is wide open as no school is a clear favorite. As you struggle with which 5 seed will lose to a 12, we wanted to share with your our annual Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability. Each year we will out the NCAA Tournament bracket using the median sales price of homes in the towns for each school that’s part of the tournament field.

Gonzaga and the Home to Cinderella

What a great time of the year! We are nearing Spring and the re-birth of so many things including baseball. But if you’re like me, this time of year is reserved for one thing only…March Madness! And we enter this special time with Gonzaga, a school of 4800, hidden away in Spokane, WA as the #1 team in college basketball. You might already know the story. Eighteen years ago, Gonzaga crashed the NCAA party and starting in 1999 began a string of 14 straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament. They were once a school everyone rooted for. Today, they are the hunted at the top of the heap.

Real Estate Headlines for March Madness

It’s no secret that I love this time of year. Spring is just about here. Basketball is on almost 24/7. And filling out brackets becomes a national craze. So here are real estate headlines to kick of this week of March Madness:

2012 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

March Madness is back and so is the 2012 version of the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability. For the last few year we’ve filled out our bracket based on which schools have the most affordable housing market based on median sales price. Some years we do better than others, but this year our champion has a fighting shot.

Home Theater is the New Black

When my wife and I were shopping for a home, she had one stipulation: the home needs to have a “formal dining room.” I searched site after site after site trying to widdle my results down to only those places that had formal dining rooms.

Turns out that this time of year people aren’t as interested in formal dining rooms as they might be the rest of the year. It’s March Madness and people’s interest turn to one thing: home theaters.

March 22 / 2011
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2011 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

March Madness is finally here. At Coldwell Banker we love our college towns, and those locales with teams in the Big Dance are abuzz right now with tournament fever. While everyone rushes to fill out their brackets, Coldwell Banker for the second straight year is giving you the Bracket of Affordability. This bracket fills out [...]

March 14 / 2011

A March Madness Look at College Towns

I’m on my way this week to Louisville and Knoxville for two major Coldwell Banker regional events.  I must admit that as a huge college basketball fan, my trips to these two great places is tinged with sadness.  Because Louisville and Tennessee are in the NCAA Tournament, I’m sure I’ll be met by a full [...]

March 17 / 2010