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New Coldwell Banker Real Estate TV Spot

The new Coldwell Banker ® TV spot (Wrong Decisions) is out the door and on air for about a month, and I have to say, I’m pretty pumped! First and foremost, I think we nailed the right message for the times…everyday it seems, the media is saying either we’ve turned the corner or uh oh, [...]

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…**

Coming from automotive industry marketing, I thought one of the coolest things about real estate marketing would be the yard sign…Think about it… For cars, I have to buy the big outdoor board on the Turnpike between Exits  13A and 14 if I wanted to reach consumers in NJ outside of their homes.  In real [...]

May 24 / 2010

Real Estate Marketing = World’s Best Cup of Coffee

I  love Elf.  Great movie and arguably the best movie that Will Ferrell carried on his own. Wedding Crashers was great, as was Old School, but he wasn’t the star in those films.  Anyway, I digress… I was thinking of that movie while  viewing a competitor’s video where they took some major liberties with the [...]

I want my MTV…just in real estate this time.

MTV just changed their logo after 30 years and dropped the “Music Television” line under the big “M”. UGH, I’m getting old. Thinking back to the days after I graduated from Rutgers and watched at least 10 hours straight every day of The Police, Pat Benatar, Dire Straits and my personal favorite, Joe “King” Carasco [...]

March 12 / 2010