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Homes from “VMA” Nominee Hometowns

The music has changed, but today’s most popular artists still wear their “homes” on their sleeves no matter where their travels take them. With the MTV Video Music Awards nominations recently being announced, it occurred to us that the nominated artists in the “Video of the Year” category all have especially strong ties to their hometowns. To commemorate one of the most entertaining music award shows around, let’s take a look at some homes from their old stomping grounds.

MTV Movie Awards: Movie Home of the Year

In the spirit of the MTV Movie Awards, the team here at Coldwell Banker has convened behind closed doors and decided on five “Movie Home of the Year Nominees” from 2011 films that were nominated by MTV for some award or another. Rest assured that the homes nominated below exhibit excellence in the area of looking awesome.

I want my MTV…just in real estate this time.

MTV just changed their logo after 30 years and dropped the “Music Television” line under the big “M”. UGH, I’m getting old. Thinking back to the days after I graduated from Rutgers and watched at least 10 hours straight every day of The Police, Pat Benatar, Dire Straits and my personal favorite, Joe “King” Carasco [...]

March 12 / 2010