The Great Electric Fence Debate for Dog Owners

Find out whether installing a physical or electric fence is the appropriate choice for your dog. Learn the pros and cons of each and determine whether your particular home is the right candidate for...

4 Tips To Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

Because a happy pet means a happy home!

How to Find the Right Vet After a Move

This advice from NorthStar Moving Company covers the hunt for a new vet from whiskers to tail.

Renewing a Commitment to Find Homes for Dogs

By extending their program, Coldwell Banker and will "raise the ruff" for adoptable dogs in 2016

What Food You Can and Can’t Share with Your...

If "drop it drop it drop it" is your dogs mantra near the dinner table then this is a must read.

No Tricks Just Treats with These 32 Pets Waiting...

PAWS everything you are doing and take a look at these spooktacular pet costumes
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