6 Green Landscapes Perfect for St....

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we rounded up some of the most stunning properties whose lush and vibrant surroundings rival the homes themselves.

Passion + Big Data = Riding the Bleeding Edge of...

Coldwell Banker puts a stake in the ground as the industry leader with a tech package no one can match

Bishop Arts District: Real Estate Report

Know how recent developments have influenced the real estate market in the Bishop Arts District. Learn if the community and vibe of the area is right for you. Find out how the district is changing...

New Year New Home?

If buying a house is on your “to do” list this year, now is also the time to begin preparing.

The 2017 Housing Market: The Hottest Markets

Looking to buy a home in 2017? In the final post of the series, Real Estate Market Specialist Les Christie gives us the scoop on the top housing markets in the U.S. for the coming year.

The 2017 Housing Market: What Lies Ahead

As we look to 2017, Real Estate Market Specialist Les Christie outlines trends and factors that will impact housing and real estate.
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