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Hot Decor Ideas from 20 Amazing Bathrooms

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Love to peruse through design and decor photos? Then keep reading this post! We created a collection of some of the most fabulous and unique bathrooms from listings on coldwellbanker.com. Pay particular attention to how all these homeowners were able to integrate the latest trends into their spaces. You’ll notice [...]

March 06 / 2014

Welcome Home: A Freedom Tower Worker’s New Appreciation of Home

Chris and Jennifer Marron had found the home they were looking for. It was a fixer upper that they planned to make their own over time as they tackled projects one at a time. They fell in love not just with the home, but with the neighborhood as well.

Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

The image of spending time with family and friends gathered by an open fireplace is a selling point in many homes for sale, but not all properties come equipped with a built-in fireplace.

[Infographic] What Renovations Have The Best Resale Value?

This Infographic from eLocal.com does a fantastic job of proving all home renovations are not equal. Do any of the rate of return on these projects surprise you?

September 12 / 2012

Save Money On Home Improvements

Home improvement projects, such as additions and renovations, can add real estate value to a home and make it more fitting to homeowners’ tastes. However, making home improvements do not have to break the bank and many owners can make wide-ranging updates to their properties on a budget. There are several ways homeowners can save [...]

July 11 / 2012

The Need-to-Know Truth about Home Improvement and Resale Value

Let’s face it.  Selling a home today is much different than it was five or six years ago.  Prices have likely come down and the competition among homes on the market could be intense. It’s common for homeowners to consider renovation projects prior to putting their home on the market. But if the sole purpose [...]