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How To: Slim Down Your Waistline & Add To Your Bottom Line

According to Menshealth.com “People who exercise three or more times each week make roughly 10 percent more—or an extra $80 per week on average—than those who never exercise.”  In addition to the possibility of adding to your bottom line while slimming down your waistline, exercise has been proven as an effective stress reducer, mood enhancer [...]

December 26 / 2012

How to Limit Spending When Getting A Home Ready To Sell

It is common for homeowners to think that selling a home is an expensive endeavor, which may in turn cause them to hold off on putting their home on the market. From repairs to staging the process can seem overwhelming. However, with the advice of a real estate agent, sellers often find there are several [...]

August 08 / 2012

Slash Home Energy Costs This Summer

Many first-time homeowners come up with a budget after buying a home to ease into the costs of utilities, maintenance and other property-related responsibilities. There are several ways that homeowners can keep their energy costs low and, in some cases, maintain their properties during the hot summer months. Take inventory Most homes lose energy through [...]

June 25 / 2012