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February’s Most Popular Homes From Coldwell Banker’s Pinterest and Instagram Accounts

We’ve compiled a visual list of the homes that were some of the biggest hits on Coldwell Banker social media accounts this month.

February 28 / 2014

Slideshow: Most Popular Homes of 2013 on Instagram and Pinterest

With 2013 now behind us, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of the most popular listed homes that we featured on our Instagram and Pinterest pages throughout the course of the year.

January 03 / 2014

The Ultimate House According to Pinterest

What a dream home really looks like…according to Pinterest.

Dreaming, Decorating or Looking to a Buy a Home? Pin it!

We are pleased to announce the Pin It button has been added to all of our listings on coldwellbanker.com. Pinning beautiful décor ideas or photos of your dream home has never been easier.

6 Socially Inspired Additions to Your Home

Social networks have virtually taken over our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become as familiar as our family members. Sometimes even more so. While our lives are engulfed in social influence, our homes have remained relatively unscathed.

August 22 / 2012

“Pinspiration” for Your Dream Home

Pinterest has become one of the hottest social platforms in 2012. It is a place for consumers, brands, bloggers and even celebrities to enjoy joint content curation. Users enjoy creating boards for various topics which often include interior design, party planning, style finds, tasty recipes and much more! I discovered Pinterest seven months ago. As [...]

March 22 / 2012

Getting More Social with the Facebook “Like” and Google “+1″ Buttons

Here’s the understatement of the year (or perhaps of the last 4 to 5 years!?): Social Media has changed everything. Its changed the way we consume and share information, its changed how we interact with our friends, how we meet friends and it has also fundamentally changed the way companies do business…forever. One would think [...]

World Cup Fever and How Technology Played a Part

Today, the world’s most popular sport kicked off the immensely anticipated World Cup in South Africa. Being a new fan of the sport, a friend told me that winning the Cup is comparable to winning the World Series, Super Bowl, Triple Crown, Stanley Cup and 15 Gold Medals; all in one day and one event. [...]

June 11 / 2010

The Social Contractor

This post isn’t about the contractor that likes to chat your ear off, although I’ve run into a few of those. Rather, this post is about how some contractors are embracing social media to the benefit of homeowners.

April 20 / 2010