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Stardom Starts at Home for These Cutie Pies

The release of our brand new commercial ‘Home Sweet Home’ has us at Coldwell Banker thinking about all things music and home! Get a look at this absolutely adorable video of two little girls, Zoe and Maddie, singing their hearts out to “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen (Walt Disney Pictures).

January 24 / 2014

This is Home with Rapping Kids

The Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest provided some amazing videos of kids, pets and homes from across the country. Actually the videos with pets vs. the videos with kids was pretty much a 50/50 split. The 10 finalist videos were all pretty amazing. It was fun to see the different takes on what makes a home so special. Some were touching. Some were humorous. But the winning video was just plain adorable.

September 27 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Win $25,000 in the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube Contest

What’s more entertaining than seeing kids and pets on video? America’s Funniest Videos has made a living off of it. Now what’s better than winning $25,000? Not much. So why not combine these two great things into one amazing contest? Well that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest. [...]

August 22 / 2013

Halloween Gangnam Style

No PSY doesn’t live here but we know he’d be proud! Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm with over 531 MILLION views on YouTube and has inspired countless parodies and memes across the web. We weren’t surprised to see the fun this homeowner had with incorporating the song into his Halloween decor. Enjoy! [...]

October 26 / 2012

6 Socially Inspired Additions to Your Home

Social networks have virtually taken over our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become as familiar as our family members. Sometimes even more so. While our lives are engulfed in social influence, our homes have remained relatively unscathed.

August 22 / 2012

Coldwell Banker On Location Shows Video is King

If online video is king, then Coldwell Banker On Location is a major part of its fiefdom. This week Coldwell Banker On Location, the one of a kind YouTube channel for Coldwell Banker, surpassed two million views in under 2 years.

November 09 / 2010

Change the Way People Find Real Estate

The picture below is from the 2010 Google Creative Canvas book. It’s a publication that Google puts out at the end of every year showcasing some of the most unique and innovative ways that partner brands and companies are using their products. This year the Coldwell Banker YouTube channel, Coldwell Banker On Location was honored to be included

October 29 / 2010
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Video Killed the Newspaper Ad

In case you didn’t realize it, we’re big on video here at Coldwell Banker. We were the first national real estate brand to have streaming video content on our website back in 2006. Fast forward to 2009 and we launched what has become one of the more popular real estate channels ever on YouTube with Coldwell Banker On Location. 12 months and 1.2 million visits later, Coldwell Banker On Location is still making waves.

May 20 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Coldwell Banker On Location Hits One Million

Last May Coldwell Banker launched a first of its kind YouTube channel that we named Coldwell Banker On Location. The concept was to enhance the real estate shopping experience by allowing customers to search for videos of homes for sale, Coldwell Banker agents, and even local community videos through a simple interface. And we figured [...]

Just How Big is the Mobile Web??

I just read a great report from Quantcast on mobile web usage as of Dec 2009…Here’s the facts: About 1% of all web consumption is coming from mobile.  That doesn’t sound too big, but that’s up from half a percent in May 2009. So in 7 months, the amount of mobile web browsing doubled!  At [...]