8+beach+home300 The Coolest Beach Homes

Beach house in Stuart, Florida

Man, I love the beach. Every summer growing up as a kid my family would head down to the Jersey shore for a week (we call the beach the shore here in NJ). Today, my family is still heading to the shore and my two boys are loving it even more than I did. So when I came across an article about the coolest beach homes in the U.S. I had to take a look.

I recently read a new CNBC article on Yahoo! that ranked America’s Coolest Beach Homes 2010. As the author so eloquently put it, “what could be a “cooler” experience than actually owning a mansion on the sand?” My thoughts exactly.

Compiled by TopTenRealEstateDeals.com, two of the five Coolest Beach Homes were Coldwell Banker listings, a post-modern home on the banks of the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida, and a masterpiece on the Irvine Cove section of Laguna Beach, California.

We reached out to our agents to see what it is about these homes that make them so desirable.

Esti Kadosh of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate listed the beach house featured in Stuart, Florida. Esti remarked that the listing is so magnificent because it is a contemporary home on the St. Lucie River in the Sailfish Capital of the World. Designed by famous architect & structural engineers Robert Herrick & Paul Wingler, the stunning waterfront post modern mansion is a sportsman paradise estate.

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Beach house in Laguna Beach, CA

Rod Daley from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Orange County is the listing agent for the beach house featured in Laguna Beach, CA and said it was very difficult to describe such a magnificent property in a few words.  To sum it up, most of the agents and prospective purchasers who have seen this home and oceanfront site literally state “This is the best oceanfront home ever offered in this part of California.” A $31 million listing tends to leave me speechless as well.

All these homes are truly remarkable. If you have an amazing beach home or one that you’re wishing for, share a link or photo in the comments below.