viggle app Viggle is the Perfect Companion for Your Homes TV RoomThe couch in front of the TV. It’s one of life’s great comfort zones. You know the spot. It’s where your body perfectly relaxes as you sit down and tune in to your favorite TV show or movie. Chances are when you get situated in your favorite seat that you’re also carrying a device with you.

For some it may be your phone. For other it’s a tablet (most likely an iPad). And others still like the laptop open as they prop their feet up. Yes, our homes are more connected than ever and some apps are trying to make our relaxation time a little more rewarding. The best one in my opinion is Viggle

There are a ton of TV companion apps out there. Some let you take quizzes during shows. Some give you fake stickers that you can never really use. Some let you chat with others about the show. And some do all of the above. But only Viggle actually REWARDS you for watching TV.

It’s possibly the greatest app to enter my home since Netflix. What does Viggle do? You start up the app when you’re watching a show and Viggle listens to your TV and identifies the show that you’re watching. You then get points for watching and “checking in” to various shows. Some shows that are featured in the app give you check-in bonuses and others have live quizzes where you can earn additional points.

But here’s the best part. The points that you earn gets you real life stuff. Not silly stickers or badges or digital trophies that mean absolutely nothing. I’m talking about Starbucks gift card, certificates, t-shirts, Apple TVs, etc.

Real stuff just for watching TV. Is there a better companion app for the TV room in your home? I think not.

On top of all that you can chat with others watching the same show you are and share your Viggle check-in’s on your favorite social network. Viggle is free to download in both the iTunes and Android app stores. I’ve already cashed in several Starbucks gift cards thanks to Viggle.

If you’re going to be relaxing at home in front of the TV, why not get something you can actually use for it? Click here to visit and start getting rewards out of your home’s TV today.