Why Build a Florida Room on Your Home?

Northern homeowners build Florida rooms in their homes to lengthen the time they spend in warm, sunny weather. Find out the advantages of building your own Florida room onto your Jacksonville home, when you enjoy warm weather almost all year long.

A “Florida room” is an enclosed area, usually at the back of a house, also commonly known as a sunroom. The walls are generally knee-high, and above that is an expanse of glass windows. The roof of a sunroom matches the roof of the rest of the house, although it may include one or more skylights. In cooler parts of the country, a sunroom enables homeowners to enjoy sunshine and spend time outside of the confines of their house even when the weather begins to get cold outside. So, as a Jacksonville resident who can enjoy the area’s nearly constant warm temperatures, why would you install a Florida room on your home? Here are a few reasons you may want to consider:


Whether you live in an area with nearby neighbors or you simply want to live a more private lifestyle, a Florida room can be the ideal environment. Set up a patio table and chairs and enjoy quiet dinners in the cool evening breeze without neighborhood children spying through the fence. Snuggle on a loveseat in the moonlight, secure in the knowledge that some nosy neighbor isn’t peering at you. You can even use the room as an exercise studio, working out in the sun without passers-by checking out your form.

Softening the Intensity of Florida Summers

While the rest of the country tries to keep a little bit of summer in their Florida room, ones actually in Florida can be designed for just the opposite. Tinted windows allow sunlight to stream in, but lower the intensity of those UV rays. Screens surrounding the room allow breezes to flow through, creating a nice cross breeze without letting in any of those famous Florida insects. When the weather gets too unbearably hot outside, close the glass windows and enjoy air conditioned comfort along with bright sunlight streaming in the windows and beaming down from the skylights. A Florida room can truly be made into the ideal environment, no matter what the weather is like outside.


Florida moms go through a lot of sunscreen and bug spray just by letting their kids go outside to play each day. With the bright sunlight endangering their children’s skin and the danger of bug bites always present, a Florida room can be the perfect play room for year-round play. Turn one corner of the room into the adults’ oasis and leave the rest of the room for the kids. Add child-size tables and chairs for lunches and craft activities. Move colorful plastic bins into the room and store toys neatly away. Bring in large throw pillows for soft seating while leaving the rest of the room covered in cool tile flooring. Your kids will enjoy the fresh air from outside without any of the less-pleasant parts of a Florida summer afternoon.

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