Why Live in Inwood? A Guide to Manhattan’s Best-Kept Secret

People on the hunt for the last truly great deal in Manhattan may want to check out Inwood, the northernmost neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. The area boasts unheard-of deals for both renters and homebuyers alike.

Ask a random sampling of New Yorkers what they think about Inwood, and chances are many haven’t even heard about this section of the city. Inwood, the uppermost neighborhood on the island of Manhattan, still remains somewhat of a secret from the rest of the city — in no small part due to its location far, far from the madding crowd. Surrounded by the Hudson and Harlem Rivers on three sides and boasting hilly streets and urban valleys, visitors to the area would be forgiven for thinking that they’re no longer even in the city. In addition to its neighborhoody feel, Inwood is a great value for those who want to live in Manhattan, but want something a little different.

Real Estate Prices That Can’t Be Beat

Gentrification has rocked and rolled prices in neighborhoods that were previously off the average NYC apartment hunter’s radar (Exhibit A: Tribeca). Inwood has somehow managed to redefine itself without giving current and future residents too much sticker shock. There are plenty of deals to be had, whether one is looking to rent or buy. Median prices for one-bedrooms are about $300,000, with many priced above and many below. For people looking for cheap apartment rentals, Inwood delivers in spades. Decent one-bedrooms can be had for as low as $1500 per month.

Easy Access to Downtown

When it comes to transportation to and from Inwood, the A train runs through it, stopping at both the Dyckman and 207th Street stops. You’ll get to 42 Street in just about 30 minutes, and from there you can take the shuttle or the number 7 trains to the east side of the city. The other west side line running through the area is the number 1 train, which makes three stops in the neighborhood.

Stuff to do

Walk around on the west side of Broadway to take advantage of the many cafes and cute shops (this part of Inwood tends to be a bit pricier than other areas). Never heard of hiking in Manhattan? Head on over to the 160 acres of Inwood Hill Park and be the first (and coolest!) of your friends to do so. On Saturday mornings, pick up your fresh heirloom tomatoes at the Inwood Greenmarket. The easy access to the subway can whisk you downtown to your favorite downtown restaurants, but if you want to stay closer to home, Mamajuana Cafe offers up fish tacos with the restaurant’s signature sangria.

Offering easy commutes, affordable rents, and plenty of ways to eat, drink, and make merry, Inwood could be a spectacular choice to call home.

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