Controlling your home from your mobile device is one of the most recent innovations that’s extremely practical for home owners. While there are many companies that offer this type of control, none are doing it quite like Philips with it’s new Hue lighting solution.

You see Philips is going beyond the standard lightbulb and bringing a little extra color to your home. Instead of just going green with your lightbulbs, why not go magenta, chartreuse or a blazing blue?

 Wireless Lighting for a Home of a Different Color

The new Hue series from Philips will screw into any standard light socket but these LED based lights can also change into a variety of colors on command. As if that wasn’t cool enough, just plug a little box into your wireless router and you now have the ability to control the color and intensity of any light in your home.

While that may sound like any typical lighting control system, Philips takes a step even further. Let’s say you have a photo of a gorgeously lit scene from a vacation in the Caribbean. Wouldn’t you love to recreate that gorgeous scene in your home? Well with Hue you can. Just use the Hue app to import the photo and have Hue match the lighting color and conditions of that photo.

Hue also offers the ability to set a timer for lights to go on, control lights remotely and other cool features. So if you want a home of a different color you should check out all the details on Hue at