Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia: A New Home Buyers’ Guide


Looking to move to an area in Philadelphia that offers activities, conveniences, and plenty of educational opportunities? Each Philly neighborhood has its own unique properties. Let this guide help you find the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for you.


You can get into arguments when you start throwing around terms like “best,” especially when it comes to neighborhoods. People in Philly tend to have strong opinions about why the place where they live is better than the other parts of town. But some parts of the city are better for people with certain interests or requirements than others. If you’re looking to buy your first home and don’t know the lay of the land, this quick survey might help you find the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia to meet your interests.


Admittedly, Rittenhouse is one of the priciest areas in the city. It was also named one of the most expensive places to rent in the entire country. Despite its high price, Rittenhouse is one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia because it has so much to offer. If you’re looking for a place to walk the dog or enjoy a sunny weekend picnic, you can head to Rittenhouse Square. A weekly farmers market in the park and nearby grocery stores make it easy to pick up ingredients to prepare a meal at home. The recently reopened Roxy Theater offers a plethora of films to see, including recent hits, avant-garde classics, and kid-friendly fare. Rittenhouse is also home to a number of highly rated schools, such as The City School and Independence Charter School.

Queen Village

Across town, Queen Village, a small neighborhood near the Delaware River, can also be called one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Led by the Queen Village Neighbors Association, the area is practically bursting with civic-minded spaces, including several small parks, two community gardens, and two playgrounds. The neighborhood has a number of educational and community centers, including the Fleisher Art Memorial (which offers free art classes), Settlement Music School, and the Old Pine Community Center.

Queen Village also offers a great deal of convenience. The on-ramp to I-95 is just a few minutes away, as are a number of big-box stores, including Target, Ikea, and Home Depot.


Fairmount makes it to the list of top neighborhoods in Philly because it really offers the best of both worlds — the convenience of city living and the beauty of nature, as the city’s biggest park is practically in your backyard. Along with easy access to the greenery, trails, and fields of Fairmount Park, the area puts a few great museums right at your doorstep, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation and the Franklin Institute.

Chestnut Hill

Germantown Avenue, the bustling business district at the heart of Chestnut Hill, is part of what makes this neighborhood in the northwest corner of Philly one of the best sections of the city. Other attractions in the neighborhood include the Morris Arboretum (which is open year-round, and features gardens, tree houses and greenhouses) and the annual Harry Potter Festival, a two-day event dedicated to all things Hogwarts.

When it comes to housing in the area, Chestnut Hill offers a good mix of single-family homes, apartments, and condos. The median home price has long been one of the highest in the city, and is currently around $435,000, according to

When you’re on the market for a home, it’s essential that you find a neighborhood that offers the amenities you want and need. The best areas of Philly are full of conveniences, necessities and the little things that make life enjoyable.

Image Source: Flickr/Kevin Burkett


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