Over three years ago we went “all in” and placed our bets on video in a huge way when we partnered with YouTube to launch Coldwell Banker On Location. Becoming the first national real estate brand to launch a dedicated custom channel on YouTube meant we believed that consumers were going to increasingly lean on video content to inform their homebuying or selling decisions.

We were right.

With real estate specific searches on YouTube growing 150% year over year to On Location video views being up over 200% year over year, we’ve clearly seen consumer expectations and habits shift. Making highly engaging full-motion video is no longer a “nice-to-have”, it’s a “must do” if you want to stay competitive and relevant to “Generation V”.

The main goal of this newest paper is to thoroughly examine “Generation V” by looking at statistics and trends related to the growth of consumer video usage over the past few years. It’s our hope that the demystifying this “new breed” of consumer better equips and arms our Gen Blue network with additional tools and insight to better attract and service them.

You can read the whitepaper below or you can read it by clicking this link. If you feel inspired to make your first video after reading it, be sure to tweet the URL of your first video to @coldwellbnkr and use the hashtag #myfirstcbvideo