Loft Living is Cool, But is It for You?


Loft living is something that everyone thinks they’d love to experience because it looks so cool, and “New York-ish.” Lofts are cool, but they have their quirks. Read on to find out if living in a loft is something that’d be great in reality or in theory.


Ah, loft living in NYC. It looks so glamorous when you flip through the pages of the latest issue of Dwell or Livingetc, doesn’t it? The loft living dream is one that draws people to NYC from all over the world. Giant windows, exposed pipes, high ceilings, wide-open spaces — with glamorous yet cool features like these, who wouldn’t want to live in a loft? If you’re thinking about renting or buying a loft based on what you’ve seen on TV or read about in magazines, you should know exactly what it’s like to live in one before you open your wallet.

Complete Privacy is Nonexistent

Unless you build walls (which to some people defeats the purpose of getting a loft), be aware that when you live in a loft, you’re typically living in one large, open space. This means that if you’re cooking a huge pot of homemade garlic-buttered pasta, it can be seen, heard, and most importantly (to some) smelled from every corner of the room. This means that when you get up in the morning, everyone in the house can see you.

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Image Source: Flickr/Peter Comitini

Some people will consider this vast openness a plus, while others couldn’t imagine anything more horrific. If you’re someone who craves privacy, you’ll either have to section off the areas you wish to remain private or not get a loft.

A Mess Looks Ten Times as Big

Because lofts are really open, you can’t just close off a dirty or messy room the way that you can in a more traditional apartment. If you don’t make your bed, your last-minute drop-in guests will know it. If you’re too tired to wash your dishes or clean your kitchen after a marathon cooking session, everyone will know. If you’re a person who doesn’t mind looking less than perfectly buttoned up to guests, this should not be an issue for you. If you’re particularly picky when it comes to the way your home is perceived, you should either not get a loft or come up with solutions that can help keep judging eyes at bay.

Decorating Can Be a Bit Tricky

Many people find it difficult to decorate a loft in a way that makes sense. Because a loft is one open space, it will be necessary to create separate living spaces within that space. You’ll want a living space where guests can hang out and visit. You’ll need one or several sleeping areas, depending on how many people live in the home. Creating distinct livings spaces helps make the loft feel more cozy and connected.

Many Lack Key Amenities

Loft apartments are usually located in buildings that were once used for commercial or industrial purposes. Many of the architectural details from these buildings’ pasts remain: old elevators, pipes, exposed brick, and columns. While these are elements that draw people to lofts, what the buildings are generally missing are the amenities you find in newer luxury buildings: doormen, gyms, and concierges.

The great thing about lofts is that they’re blank canvases. You can set them up in a way that makes sense to you.

Main Image Source: Flickr/Becky Stern


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  1. Zequek Estrada
    February 8, 2017

    I like the sound of living in a loft. The open space it provides is actually very appealing to me. It’s not like I got anything to hide either.


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