Social Media is redefining how we interact with people. But is it really all different?  No.

We are pleased to introduce the New Age of Real Estate Communication, a white paper that aims to take the mystery out of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+), by explaining how each can be easily utilized by real estate professionals.

Think about the last stranger you met. It took time to learn about each other’s common interests, what they do for work, what their family is like and other introductory points. Social media removes the barriers and welcomes so many into your life as you share, connect, and engage. There is nothing to be afraid of in social media. It is a digital cocktail party that allows you to communicate to more than one person at a time.

While life is about one-on-one relationships, meeting people and keeping in touch with the hundreds and thousands of people in our lives can be very time consuming, if not almost impossible. Yet in one quick post/tweet/picture/upload you can easily share activities in your life and stay connected with those who matter to you, inside and outside of work.

And let’s face it, real estate is a business built on relationships. It is all about who you know and how many new people you can meet. By leveraging social media you will quickly find, form, and strengthen relationships, meet new people and showcase your real estate background.

You can read the whitepaper below or you can read it by clicking this link. Have comments or questions about the paper? Tweet to us @coldwellbanker and use the hashtag #CBSocial

UPDATE September:This White Paper has been translated into the following languages:

French Version

Spanish Version

Italian Version

Canadian Version

 The New Age of Real Estate Communication by Lindsay Listanski