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The End of a Real Estate Era

5 Overbrook Road. Randolph, NJ. I had always imagined it would be home forever. It didn’t matter that I went away to college, got different jobs, had apartments of my own, eventually got married, bought my own house and had kids, that red Colonial on the hill was always going to be there.

May 31 / 2013

How to Organize Your T-Shirt Drawer

A quick video on how to fold t-shirts to make them “look/appear” as if they are folded perfectly while making it easy to see what you have and maximizing space inside the drawer.

What to Do When a Home Purchase Deal is Derailed

Unforeseen circumstances can prevent a deal from concluding successfully.

Neighborhood Features to Examine Before Buying a Home

Location, Location, Location! An obvious and important aspect of buying a home is looking at the home itself, but another, and sometimes forgotten, is exploring the neighborhood. Limited amenities and services, unkempt communities and noisy neighbors can curb a home sale, and to avoid moving into an area that lacks the features owners are looking [...]

4 Must-Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

I know nothing about running a kitchen. In fact, I barely know where the various pots, pans and kitchenware go in the various drawers and cabinets within my home’s kitchen. But I do love me some gadgets, so even if they’re used for stuff that I don’t really know a whole lot about, I’m still intrigued.

Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week of May

Summer time is just about here. Graduation parties, weddings, vacations and bug spray will all be in your near future. As we kiss May goodbye, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Home of the Week: Pacific Ocean Views in Cabo San Lucas

In our newest video edition of our ‘Home of the Week’ series, we grab our passports and head down south to look at one of Mexico’s truly finest homes.

Behind the Music: “My Favorite Place” by Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

I know nothing about Stephen Kellogg and the Sixer but I came across the lyrics to their song My Favorite Place during one of my recent trips down the rabbit hole of the Internet. You know when you click on a link and then get distracted and find yourself on a site and you don’t know how you got there? That’s what happened to me when I came across this video of Stephen Kellogg on YouTube talking about My Favorite Place.