I know nothing about running a kitchen. In fact, I barely know where the various pots, pans and kitchenware go in the various drawers and cabinets within my home’s kitchen. But I do love me some gadgets, so even if they’re used for stuff that I don’t really know a whole lot about, I’m still intrigued.

With summer almost upon us, I came across some really amazing kitchen gadgets that not only are perfect for those summer cookouts and parties, but are pretty useful throughout the year.

SOMA Water Pitcher

 soma water 4 Must Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

I’m willing to be that in your fridge right now is a pitcher of filter water. And if you’re like me you’re never quite sure when you’re suppose to change the filters or if those black dots floating around in the filter part mean that you just changed the filter or you’re supposed to change the filter. SOMA is looking for you to ditch the Brita and make your filtered water process much simpler and cooler. The sleek design is beautiful, but the best part is through a subscription service you can get new filters delivered to your door so you’ll always know when it’s time to change. Check out this great video from SOMA and click here to change your home’s filtered water forever.

Dash 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

 dash measuring spoon 2 4 Must Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

Measuring cups are a royal pain. You’ve got to stack them. They never quite fit properly in the drawer. And you’re always trying to hunt down the cup that’s the size you need for that moment. Well the Dash 4-in-1 solves all those problems by combining all “spoon keys” into one simple body and is a space-saving solution to your cooking and baking needs. Plus it’s dishwasher safe and super cheap at only $8.

BRRRR Polar Bear Ice Tray

brrrrr polar bear ice tray 4 Must Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

Where design meets functionality, there you will find the BRRRR Polar Bear Ice Tray. At first glance it may seem like a cutesy toy but this tool is as useful as it is endearing. It’s simple to fill, easy to load into your freezer and even easier to remove individual cubes without having to touch the ice. Because it is sealed, it stops the ice from absorbing the odours and crumbs of other foods in your freezer. Click here to see a graphic that shows just how it works and to order yours for only $20.

Grill Daddy Cleaning Brush

grand grill daddy cleaning brush 4 Must Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

As a frequent user of the grill, this is by far my favorite grill companion. Cleaning the grill can be a royal pain in the neck and the cleaning brush normally deteriorates about a month after you buy it. The Grill Daddy when filled with water uses steam to clean off those messy frill grates and in doing so preserves both the life of your grill as well as your brush. It’s about $45 on Amazon.com and is the best grill tool I’ve ever purchased.