408971482 c87bc0325f m A Home Cannot Be MeasuredOne of the top details that consumers look for on coldwellbanker.com is the square footage of a property. There’s something about being able to know how big, small or spacious a place is to help you visualize how you would live in it.

But for some, the square footage doesn’t mean much. I saw this story on Yahoo! this morning that was titled, Simple life in Manhattan: A 90 square foot home. My first reaction was who on earth lives in a place like this? How can someone function? After watching the video interview with Felice Cohen, a writer who lives in the tiny place, I started to realize how a home isn’t measured by square footage. It’s what you make of it.

Whether you live in a mansion, a condo, a colonial or even a 90 square foot apartment in NYC, a home is so much more than the dimensions of the structure. Take a look at Felicia Cohen’s tour of her apartment and see how there is no complaining about what she doesn’t have, but a satisfaction and pride as she greets you into her home.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Biking Nikon OGG