Fact: There are almost 7 billion people in the world and more than 300 million of them live in the United States.

Fact: People live in houses.

Now…I’m no mathematician but that’s a whole lot of houses. What I do know is that it is essentially impossible (and illegal?) for one company to own 100% market share of anything across a country or the globe. There’s not one grocery store…there’s not one shoe brand…and there’s not one car company or clothing store. Conversely, there’s not one real estate company that lists and sells EVERY home.

More than ever, consumers are constantly on the go. Couple that with technology’s penchant for keeping us plugged in all the time and that we’re used to instant gratification…and you have a recipe for a consumer who wants to shop as thoroughly but as efficiently as possible. At Coldwell Banker, we eat and sleep our “Anytime, Anywhere” mantra and so in a few weeks we’ll take another step towards providing you with yet another way to connect with the potential home of your dreams.


Well, we’ve kept our “ears to the streets” and are proud to announce that in August we will be the first national real estate brand to show our own International listings and properties from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) across the country on an iPhone Application…giving you even more homes to search for.

We’ll also be introducing our new express contact functionality within this iPhone app enhancement. How will it work? When you hit “contact” on a listing that peaks your interest, a screen will come up that shows your phone number and/or email address(es) that are synced up to the device. All you would have to do is select where you’d prefer to be contacted at and we’ll handle the rest!

The app won’t take a fancy picture for you or read your kids a bed-time story, but it sure will show you a lot of listings! Cheers!

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