Have you wondered what tasks are best completed before you move into your new home? Moving into a new home in Dallas-Fort Worth is an exciting experience, but it can also be an intensive labor of love. You can ease the stress and hassle of moving by taking advantage of an empty house to check off some critical preliminary tasks. Before your new home is cluttered with unpacked boxes and furniture, consider painting walls and other cosmetic touch-ups where needed, updating electrical work, installing new light fixtures, hiring a professional cleaning service, and tidying up the yard.

Painting and Cosmetic Touch-ups

Perhaps the house into which you are moving needs a fresh coat of paint, or maybe you want to soften a vividly painted room with a more neutral tone. There is no better time to paint than when your house is empty. Instead of worrying about paint dripping onto your furniture and decor, the smart choice is to paint before you move in order to minimize the stress of relocation.

If you need to patch up small holes left behind from the previous owners’ artwork, or if you need to replace wall socket covers, the perfect time to do so is before you move. If you wait until you’ve moved in, you may overlook an area you could have improved.

Updates to Electrical Work

Do you need to update your home’s electrical wiring? Perhaps you need to call an electrician for an assessment. If your home is in need of extensive electrical work, or if you would like to add more wall outlets or install switches for new lighting, it is best to call your electrician before you move all your belongings into your home in case there is a need to drill or cut through wallboard.

Fixture Installation

Maybe you would like to swap out an old brass ceiling fan for something more contemporary to better complement your decor? When updating fixtures, such as old, dated faucets, knobs, and sinks, some homeowners find that it is more convenient to replace everything at once. If that is the case, it is much easier to tackle projects of this nature before moving.

Professional Cleaning

Before you move your furniture and boxes, consider a deep, professional cleaning of your new home. Houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area typically feature high ceilings, crown molding, and ceiling fans. Dusting these hard-to-reach areas is less difficult when you’re not stumbling over your belongings. Additionally, deep cleaning carpets and polishing wood floors is much easier without furniture. For cleaning services, DFW boasts hundreds of companies, including Stanley Steemer, that specialize in professional carpet and floor cleaning.

Lawn and Landscaping Work

Pruning bushes and trimming trees is a must for maintaining curb appeal. Before you have your home cleaned and move your furnishings, give your lawn and landscape some attention. Clearing away trimmings, clippings, and leaves is a messy job, and the last thing you want is to track yard waste into your new, clean home.

Although moving is a hassle, you can certainly diminish the strain of the transition by using an empty house to your advantage. As a result of painting, updating electrical wiring, installing new light fixtures, cleaning, and doing yard work ahead of time, you will have the leisure to make your new house a home that reflects your specific style and tastes.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons