jersey city Get the Industrial Chic Look

Industrial design champions a minimalist feel

Whether you live in a big city or a small rural town, the interior design craze that has taken off over the past few years has been the “industrial look”. Designer Joanna Jones describes the industrial look as one comprised of dark metals (even with a hint of rust), raw reclaimed woods and even iconic salvaged items from yesteryear. The result is usually a home with more open space and clean lines that give off a nostalgic blue collar feel.

What’s great about picking furniture for your home with this mindset is you can really be creative about it. Turn those tree stumps into cool coffee tables (like I just did!), a cart you found at a thrift store into a side table or old dishes into art for a wall. You’re sure to find the industrial look in multi-million dollar mansions on down to lofts with a bunch of college kids living in them. In other words, it’s as affordable as you make it.

stump Get the Industrial Chic Look

My living room. I turned two tree stumps into neat looking coffee tables

If you’re intrigued by industrial decor like I am, take a look at this Open House New York segment for some simple tips from interior designer Joanna Jones. She’ll show you how to avoid choosing furniture that will make your home feel too heavy and contrived. The key is to achieve a balance between “clean and classic with a hint of industrial”

The folks at Houzz have a great read on industrial design as well. Enjoy!