backtoschool 300x300 Heading Back to School

Not all kids are as happy as mine to be back to school

For many, the back to school season means so long to warm days at the beach and hello to homework, projects and those cafeteria lunches!  I still remember purchasing a new Trapper Keeper, a pack of No. 2 pencils, getting new sneakers, having to cover my textbooks and even Mr. Innes’ geometry class where junior high mayhem often ensued. But those days have passed for me in one way and started anew as my own children begin the annual rite of passage to head back to school.

To avoid thinking about that cafeteria mystery meat, and to mark the start of the new school year, here’s some “A+ listing” info from

  • More than 48,000 homes have the word “School” in the description
  • More than 150 homes are for sale on streets with the name “School Road”
  • 16 homes for sale with the famous “Ticonderoga” No. 2 pencils name in the address
  • More than 4,400 homes listed include a library – perfect for study sessions, and more than 4,000 homes include a study
  • 1,000+ homes boast being “walking distance to school”
  • 11 homes have “chalk” in the address

Do you have any fond school memories? How did /do you prepare for back-to-school season?